‘Each private session with Lucy has boosted my understanding of my own practice in a way that would've taken months on my own. From new asanas to modifications that suit my body to workshopping the reasons behind the poses, Lucy's personal approach has really contributed to my wellbeing. I'm even starting to enjoy standing poses! 

Lucy's knowledgeable, respectful and fun – a great combination for a regular, personalised top up of yoga wisdom. Thanks Lucy.’

– Ann, Woodend

Little Stretch at home


I regularly run a dedicated baby yoga course for new parents at Illuminate yoga. This is a perfect opportunity to establish a yoga practice with your babe in arms – more information can be found here. However, I get that sometimes it can be hard to get a babysitter for your 3-year-old, or the course runs during nap time. These sessions are designed to fit around the chaos of your own home – mess, babies, small children and awkwardly shaped legos.

We will work together to tailor a privately run Little Stretch class/course at your home for one, two or three parents. These sessions are suitable for parents who are anywhere from 3 weeks post birth to 3 years and are tailored to suit the stage of life you are at, giving you practices you can regularly perform at home.

Private sessions

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Do you have a messy house? Oh my gosh! Me too! Guess what – you can practise yoga in a really messy house. If you like, I can come to your house and show you how you can squeeze in a downward dog by the couch, a tree pose in the bathroom and mountain pose in a cupboard. 

These sessions are designed around your needs, and are ideal for a practitioner who is new to yoga, or recovering from an injury, illness or perhaps a long break from the mat. We will work together to build your flexibility, stability and strength, in order for you to feel equally confident in attending general public yoga classes or a solo home practice.


Privately run sessions are tailored to suit your needs and spacial requirements. Props are available for hire, though often it's handy to have your own mat and a stash of rolled up towels for support. Prices start at $80 per hour for privately run home one-on-one visits, with gift vouchers available. Book with a friend or two to receive a reduced rate.

Alternatively, you can book a one-on-one session at Illuminate Yoga Studio. Head to my pricing page to get a comprehensive overview of the costs involved, or get in touch for more information and availability.