What can I do for you?

Services at a glance

  • copy editing

  • proofreading

  • manuscript   development

  • restructuring

  • formatting

  • styling

Past clients include:

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With an extensive professional background in editing and proofreading, I can help you shape your words, whether it be for publication, online content, press releases or social media. 

Need someone to read your manuscript? Sure. Want your cookbook to include imperial measures for an international audience? I can do that! Their or there? Probably their, but I’ll happily check for you, just in case. I can assist you with flow of text, visual placement and order of content. Together we can ensure that you get your facts right and that your instructional language is clear and easy to follow. 

Past projects have included structural editing, copy editing and proofreading, manuscript development, managing and creating artwork. With my background in fine art and illustration, my eye for detail is borderline obsessive and I can ensure that your visual communication is as clear as the words you write.

I have worked with the education sector, government and creative publishing, including fiction and non-fiction works. Types of work range from textbooks for secondary education, cookbooks and annual reports through to architecture and interior design.

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