solo exhibitions


you are the gardens

Stockroom Gallery, Kyneton

Lucy James explores the ambiguity of female relationships in You Are The Gardens. Paired women engage in embraces that could actually be loving fights or combative hugs. How do we love and fight, or are these concepts interchangeable? Working with found and imagined imagery, James creates a parallel world where people still touch and giant flowers float from the sky.


This exhibition was part of the craft_cubed 2013 program.



janice darling

Rooftop Gallery, Melbourne

Festooned in a black unitard and an eye patch, Janice Darling was discovered in a Jane Fonda Workout book. Six months before the images were shot for the book, Janice was hit by a car and thrown through a shop window. She lost her left eye, crushed her pelvis and broke both her legs. She maintained that she survived due to her smokingly fit bod. In this collection of collage, painting and artifacts, Janice has been immortalised through rainbows, flowers and bright swirly colours. This woman is obviously invincible, inspiring unfit women of the 80s to get off their arses and work it, Jane Fonda style.



after the end

Anna Pappas Gallery, Prahran

A parallel universe where what comes after now is the beginning of the past. An alternate reality in which a ghostly and fractured sequence of time leads to cul de sacs where children play eternally. A ruptured linear flow of objects repeat, mutate and accumulate across vast open plateaus of white void. Cogs rain down as flowers fly up to meet them. All just beginning, even after it is finished.

after the end is a series of collages that explore notions of fantasy, hybridisation and the interaction of nature and objects. This series of works conflates the boundaries between the manufactured objects of machinery and the manipulated elements of nature. Within the domain of this amalgamated subject, James highlights the historic consequences of human participation.



and I shall be your canopy

Stockroom Gallery, Kyneton



sudden flushes of unconscious material

Platform Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne

This exhibition explores the notion of strange beasts and they way they develop unconsciously in the darkest parts of our minds. These works are suggestive of originating from the depths of the subway itself, gestating amongst the cracks in the pavement and dark crevices in walls, corners and doorways. Hybridised creatures act as both symbol of transformation, floating in an empty void, and as occupant of alternate space. The accumulation of collage builds a small fantasy world in a disjointed narrative, setting parameters for an alternate reality, which is displaced from our own but bears similarity in its elements.



sudden flushes of unconscious material (part 2)

c3 Contemporary Art Space, Abbotsford Convent

Born from encyclopaedias, nature manuals and history books, this work explores collage as thought process, through paper scraps, cut images and refined compositions. This work aims to question the basis of ideas and where they come from, using the notion of strange beasts and bizarre situations, and the way these fantasies develop unconsciously in our minds.

The accumulation of collage material builds a fantasy world shown in a disjointed narrative, setting parameters for an alternate reality, which is displaced from our own but bears similarity in its elements.